One thing that stands out in society today is kids and teens who are out of control and defy their parents due to the fact that parents do not dicipline their kids. Yes i totally know the law nowadays but what needs to be done is the way things use to be when I was a kid. Now I’m not saying to anyone they are bad parents or even good ones but being a parent is a never ending learning experience you always learn new things as they get older and thats more and more things to teach/talk to your kids about. One thing that pisses me off about kids nowadays is the word NO,back when I was a kid NO was not something you NEVER told your parents atleast when it came to mine I did not because I knew what would happen if i told them NO. (THEY WOULD BEAT MY ASS TIL I COULD NOT WALK, OR SIT DOWN.)

There were other things that did not require a beating or a grounding and that was when I was told to pick up my toys if my parents told me to put them away and I said NO they threw all my toys out no questions asked!!As a kid you would think damn now what will I have to do and the answer is simple NOTHING!! Of course that punishment never really lasts as my parents would get me all new stuff after they made me wait like a week to think about the defiance. (As did everyone elses) Many of us use to experience what was called the triple ass whooping thats where the neighbor would beat your ass then drag ya home by your ear tell your mother what you did and why the neighbor whooped ass then momma would whoop your ass and would tell you just wait til your father comes home and hears what you did,now after 2 beatings your already hurting and when dad got home he beat you so bad you never ever did what you did to get those beatings again.

(todays kids need a good dose of this but parents are too pussy whipped to do anything) When ya turn on the tv nowadays all you see are teenage girls looking for the father of their child and they have no clue who the father is because they fucked the entire neighborhood like the sluts they are,or even worse some 13-18 year old young punk kids on tv yelling FUCK YOU BITCH AT THEIR OWN MOTHER one thing is for sure My kids will never talk like that to their mother or to me that way because I will backhand them notice i did not say beat or abuse there is a BIG difference.

(And we as the parent have to set the examples for them because when a teenage girl acts like a slutty whore who do you think she learned that from and do not tell me her best friend because that is utter BULLSHIT!) I would say one of the hardest things for me growing up I would call simply BOOT-CAMP that was where I would go to school during the day and when I came home it was all work for my dad and not just ordinary little house chores were talkin back breakin labor chopping wood, mowing ACRES of grass by hand, putting up fences sealing the driveway, ETC ETC..

There was no time for homework with my dad he always thought school work is done on SCHOOL TIME NOT MINE and if i happened to get an ass beating believe me i still worked afterwards no matter how hurting I was.

Needless to say I see why my parents were brutal they made me a man and not a punk street thug..and this is my opinion but I see my kids getting almost the same treatment as I got,and as much as I hate to admit it I see things exactly the way my father did which is why I will leave all parents with this KEEP YOUR FUCKIN KIDS IN LINE THAT MEANS DICIPLINE AND WERE NOT TALKIN A TIME-OUT WHOOP THAT ASS OR MAYBE JUST MAYBE YOUR KID AND YOU WILL BE THE NEXT GUESTS ON THE MAURY POVICH SHOW!!
Feel free to use these tools if ya dont wanna beat your kids make em do what I did growing up BACK BREAKING LABOR IT WILL MAKE MEN OUT OF BOYS AND WOMEN OUT OF GIRLS!

Please Send HATE MAIL!!!

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