Delivery Pizza is very yummy to eat but sometimes income can be low and frozen pizzas are the only option available to you. Frozen pizzas are especially an option for lazy people who have no jobs and don’t have the energy to go to the nearest pizzeria or delivery place to go and pick up their food. That is why we have come up with a listing of the top recommended frozen pizzas on the market that you can shove in your oven or microwave and enjoy yummy pizza in 15-30 minutes.

Tombstone Pizza

-Tombstone makes a variety of frozen pizzas for the oven in many different styles such as pan pizza or brick house style. Their pizza is a tad on the cheesy side with little sauce to be desired. Their crust also has a bit of trouble of getting cooked and can be a bit on the soggy side. If on the other hand you like pizza with lots of cheese then you’ll enjoy this frozen pizza very much.

DiGiorno/ Delissio Pizza

-Kraft makes both these pizzas and their slogan is ‘It’s Not Delivery…It’s Delissio!’ That’s quite a bold statement and although to some the result may taste somewhat misleading; for others they’ll enjoy this pizza alot. The best part about some of their meatier pizzas like their pepperoni pizzas is that they also include small chunks of meat within the sauce and not just inside/on top of the sauce. The crust may be a bit on the thicker side than fresh pizzas but overall a very tasty pizza indeed.

Freschetta Pizza

-Freschetta does a good job of including a very well-seasoned sauce inside their pizzas. Their crust is much like DiGiorno but the inclusion of a tasty sauce helps for those that enjoy more sauce in their pizzas than a pizza like Tombstone.

California Pizza Kitchen Pizza

-Named after the delivery restaurant with the same-name, California Pizza Kitchen Pizza tastes very similar to its restaurant counterpart which is great news for pizza lovers everywhere. What separates California Pizza kitchen pizza from every other frozen pizza is the unique variety of unorthodox ingredients found in their pizzas. Pizzas such as Thai Pizza with peanut sauce or Jamaican Jerk Pizza are just some of the unusual pizza varieties that you can find with this company.

Bagel Bites Pizza

-Bagel Bites are great because they’re both pretty tasty and also very fast to make. Most bagel bites pizzas only take less than 10 minutes to make and usually only require a microwave to enjoy. Our only gripe with them is that we wish there were bigger portions available for purchase at most grocery store chains. These are especially good for use as hors-d’oeuvres at any major party function.

Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza

-Stouffer’s makes fast frozen pizza that is a slight improvement in size over Bagel Bites Pizza. They’re fast to make and have a slightly different crust than most original frozen pizza products on the market. Their crust is still quite tasty though and is more crispier than original frozen pizzas as well. They make a great snack but we’d appreciate larger portions than what is offered at the moment.

Amy’s Organics

-Amy’s organics have made a splash with healthier pizza lovers who enjoy their organic products and who prefer less-meaty kinds of pizza. The only problem we have is that they’re harder to find at the store and hope to see more store shelves with their products soon.

Tony’s Pizza

-Tony’s Pizza makes good deep dish pizzas. They often can come in packages of 6 which will include cheese, pepperoni and other styles which is great for people looking for more bang for their buck. Their pizzas are very cheesy but have a bit more sauce than a Tombstone pizza has. The crust on a Tony’s Pizza is much in the same style of a DiGiorno or Tombstone pizza.

Canadian Consideration:

-For those Canadian folks out there, we recommend McCain Crescendo Pizza which taste very similar to DiGiorno/Delissio Pizzas except the sauce tastes a little better as well any President’s Choice pizzas that can be found at various supermarket chains.That’s our round-up of the best frozen pizzas on the market. It may not be delivery but it’s cheaper and certainly a lot easier for the lazy pizza lover out there.You can find these products at the following websites:

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