We had previously given a shout out to Dominos Pizza for their early journey into the online pizza delivery game. We liked to highlight cool fast food joints with unique ingredients or unique ways of doing innovative things with their business model. While Dominos is the first of many pizza joints to join the world of online food delivery, HOTLIPS pizza is a pioneer in sustainability. HOTLIPS has been a family-owned business making pizzas in Portland, Oregon since 1984. Many of Hot Lips’ ingredients are bought from local farmers and farmers’ markets. Also they make all of their packaging compostable and any waste heat from the ovens at their Pearl District location is used to heat the whole restaurant. In 2005, they began producing fresh fruit sodas and have their own soda brewing operation. In addition, if you live within one mile of any of their four locations, you can expect the delivery person to bring your pizza by bike.

If you live further out, you can expect a trendy electric car (that looks life a golf cart) to drop off your pizzas in style. Their pizzas might be a little more expensive than a national chain but the extra money is helping to pump up local businesses around the region and to help keep the environment clean which to that we say kudos!

You can check out more about this pizza joint over at their website at http://www.hotlipspizza.com

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for the props. We’ve recently updated our electric car fleet with two Think cars. You can see them on our facebook page. We also have a fifth store now, just across the street from Jen-Weld Park where the Timbers play. Thanks again, David

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