We’re introducing a new series to our website. We’re going to focus on some great family-friendly restaurants for lazy parents who want to bring their kids to a place where they can run around and have fun and drive the staff crazy. The adults can enjoy a meal while their kids are distracted by all the bells and whistles that the restaurant has to offer them.

Many of us look back and fondly remember lazy days of childhood playing toy trains in our basement with our neighborhood pals. Now, kids are focused too much on their iPads and cellphones and don’t enjoy the simpler toys that their parents used to enjoy. Train-themed restaurants are restaurants where your meal is brought to you by a toy train. You simply place your order with a waitress (who is usually dressed up in train engineer attire) and then wait patiently to see the toy train come around the corner with your meal. Many of these restaurants have plenty of train memorabilia on the walls for kids to stare at also help to show the historical information about many of the trains that are operating nearby to help push cargo or bring passengers to their destinations. They are perfect to celebrate a birthday or a milestone and have plenty of seating (including high chairs for the little ones) where the whole family can sit together and enjoy the experience. You’ll find multiple train-themed restaurants in Chicago, Illinois as Chicago is the third largest city in the USA and is the main freight rail hub of North America.

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