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Nintendo is stepping into the next generation of game consoles with its very first high definition gaming display. The system’s graphics and hardware are similar compared to other consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This might seem like an odd choice since those consoles came out nearly 7 years ago. Nintendo isn’t hoping that people will care as much about the graphics and hardware when they get a chance to use the console’s new tablet controller which has motion control and touch screen technology. We know from experience with the Nintendo Wii that Nintendo will try to compete its two main rivals through innovation. Let’s take a look at some of the highs and lows of this system.

-Nintendo E shop is great for playing NES and gameboy classics.
-Gamepad works well as a TV remote and second television
-Miiverse is lots of fun
-Fast internet browser

-Short gamepad battery life
-Gamepad range is too short
-Gamepad resolution is low
-Initial firmware update takes too long

The Wii U is slender and compact and weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 10.5 inches long while keeping a relatively slim 1.9-by-6.6-inch profile. It has an optical drive in the front. The power and reset buttons go in the front along with a syncing station to connect the gamepad controller. There’s a slot for an SD card and a USB drive. You’re going to need an SD card if you want to transfer any of your old Wiiware or virtual console games over to the new system.


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We searched the internet far and wide to try and find some new and interesting food gadgets that will make it even lazier to cook food or simply make it taste better. Here’s a selection of some of the new and unique products that we were able to find on the net.

Condiment Gun

-Did you ever feel like less of a man when you had to shake that ketchup bottle for over 15 minutes until a tiny bit of ketchup came out and covered only a portion of your fries? Do you like guns? Do you feel lonely and naked without the feeling of a gun in your hand every couple of seconds? Well, do we ever have a product for you! This device comes with two reusable cartridges and you can get perfect ketchup and mustard lines on your hot dogs every single time. It’s also perfect for writing your name into your burgers or to simply shoot and keep predators away from your BBQ.

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

-We as a human species like to mark our territory. Some people like to own a large lot of land and build a huge fence to protect it while others will start a fist fight if you simply look at their girlfriend the wrong way. It’s not enough to simply put food on the grill and have your friends and family enjoy your gift of a meal. You need to send them a reminder of just who spent the time to cook this feast for them and let them know about it every time that they lift their forks to their mouths and take a bite of it. This unique branding iron can be customized with a variety of letters so the grill master can write just about anything on his delicious work of art.

Beer Belt

-It can be annoying having to constantly get up from the couch to go and fetch yourself another beer. That’s why the beer belt was invented. Now, you can hold six, twelve or fourteen ounce cans around your waist. Each belt is constructed with waterproof ballistic nylon and will fit up to a 58 inch waist. Perfect for NASCAR events, family reunions, school musicals and baby showers.

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Attention all lazy people. If you think that making your own bed in the morning is a chore then we have the perfect new product for you. It’s called Selfy the easy bed and it’s a bed that makes itself in the morning using a couple of rails that hold onto the sheets to lift and tuck everything in for you. This bed was showcased at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva by its Italian creator - Enrico Berruti. The bed was designed to help out old or sick people who have difficulty in making their own bed in the morning but we think that this bed has universal applications and can be used by any lazy individual who doesn’t feel like folding their own sheets in the morning. There’s still no details on how much this bed will cost or if it will ever be bought and sold to a nationwide audience but we do think it’s a pretty cool bed for any person that hasn’t made their bed once in their lifetime because of the extreme effort it would take to get all of those creases out of their sheets. We usually just get out of our own beds and don’t think twice about making it look nice for any future guests (hint: we usually don’t have many guests over) but it would still be cool to show any future in-laws that we’re able to do some housecleaning without putting any effort into it at all. Another worthy winner of BoobNewb’s gadget of the future.

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