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Hey, if Beijing and London can host an Olympics with their lip-synching singers, match-fixing badminton players, crappy women’s soccer refs, underage gymnasts, pollution and human rights violations then why can’t we? There is a movement to get laziness into the Olympics. Most of these people don’t care enough to do anything about it so it took our crack team of researchers some time to come up with some cool and unique events and we’re pretty happy with the outcome. We hope that you enjoy the events that are sure to be given ample consideration by the Brazilians during the next Summer games in 2016 or those fine Korean folks in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Text Messaging

-Laugh it up. But believe it or not there are actual competitions where people can win thousands of dollars. We give basic text message scenarios such as relationship advice, hot girls/boys at the mall, workout advice at the gym, and food/movie/television reviews to give the challengers a chance to try and beat their opponents by trying to outlast them and see who can type the fastest within a specific time limit.

Coke and Menthos Challenge

-Each competitor will be given a supply of both Menthos and coke or some other soft drink of their choice and whoever can shoot their drink of choice up in the air and get the highest vertical height will be declared the winner.


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There’s no better gift during the holidays then to give money to a fake charity organization. simplifies this process by putting together eight, worthy, fictitious causes for you to choose from such as Fathers4Mosquitoes and the Make-A-Sandwich-Foundation. We enjoyed the idea very much but thought that there were far too few charity names and ideas given on the website. We did some brainstorming and wondered what types of fake charity organizations we could come up with on our own. Here’s a short list of charitable organizations that you can help that will try to make the world a better place…

Ford, Ford, Ford

-This is a great charity that is a partnership between USA and Canadian politicians. It was started by ‘Former’ Toronto mayor Rob Ford as a way to give back to his fellow politicians and help them get the treatment that they deserve. Rob worked closely with the Betty Ford center after he was treated as a patient at the clinic. At the clinic, Ford learned about fiscal responsibility and how to avoid speaking in a foreign accent while intoxicated. Alcoholics, addicts, and their loved ones who require alcohol treatment or drug treatment begin the exciting journey to a new life at the Betty Ford Center. Once you finish your treatment at the Betty Ford Center, this charity helps to get you full-time employment by working at a the Ford Motor Company. You’ll be able to help put together new and exciting automobiles while also helping out the local Detroit economy and help them recover from the pitfalls of bankruptcy.


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One thing that we need to give credit to is that Canadian television series sure know how to make the most with whatever limited resources that they have. Canadian television productions don’t have the large budgets like American productions do and need to come up with unique shows that don’t have flashy special effects or top quality sets or filming locations. For the longest time, Canadian television looked like it was shot on a home video camera. Canadian productions need to think about how they use digital space. And with tight budgets, there’s not a lot of room for risk. There’s not much room for error.

Cheap Canadian Programming

An example of cheap programming comes from ‘The Tom Green Show’. The series aired on Rogers Television 22, a community channel in Ottawa, Ontario, until 1996, when it was picked up by The Comedy Network. The show often featured Green performing bizarre or shocking acts in public. It went from being a public access show and was eventually picked up by MTV and became a short lived hit. Another unique program was ‘The Buzz’. The show was hosted by Morgan ‘Mista Mo’ Smith and Daryn Jones. The show originally aired in the mid-90s as a community channel show on Rogers Television before getting a network deal in 2000. In 2001, the show won a Gemini Award in the “Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series” category. Even our game shows are pretty cheap. ‘You Bet Your Ass’ was a Canadian game show that aired on The Comedy Network. It followed a Blackjack and casino motif, with contestants answering questions on popular culture to earn points. Whoever had the most points at the completion of the final round won $500 and then got to see one final category, and may choose to answer one question for a further $1,000, or to answer two questions for a further $2,000. This is a far cry from the brand new car that you might win on ‘The Price is Right’.


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