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Systm is an innovator in a relatively untapped new entertainment field. It’s a concept that has floated around the internet for a while but only until recently has it been able to reach its true potential. We’re talking about the world of internet television where you can create your very own independent television programming. It’s becoming clear to see that broadband connections are increasing amongst households and the speeds of cable/dsl are increasing slightly each year.

Systm is one of the very few that have decided to create brand new television content for the internet. What we mean by all of this is that this show will be exclusively on the internet. This show won’t be offered through any standard or digital television channel and will only be distributed through the internet. Without the need for any traditional television stations to carry the content means that Systm won’t require the need to look for advertisers and each episode will be commercial free. Kevin Rose created the idea probably not too long after the demise of TechTv.

Kevin recently left G4 television once it became almost exclusively about video games.The G4 network merged with TechTv after Comcast bought TechTv only to dismantle it and later fire 90% of the staff and rename it officially G4 TV again.Kevin stayed on for a while but with no real technology information for him to discuss on the network anymore he realized it was time to leave and start up his own television program exclusively for the internet. Systm is a computer technology show for tech. geeks. Each episode features host Kevin Rose and his sidekick David Huard showcasing home made tech. gadgets that can be used as alternatives to commercially made products and can help you beat the system (no pun intended).

Every episode is produced with the help of former Tech Tv people who along side Kevin make the show possible. Each episode is filmed with high-end camcorders with the use of cut-scenes to help give it that special Hollywood production feel. The episodes are then loaded on to various servers worldwide and then distributed through bittorent on their website. It’s then up to the individual computer user to stop by their website and click on the link to download whichever episode that they want and within 15-30 minutes they can watch the episode from their own computer.

Kevin Rose and company also make distribution available for various different media outlets by converting each episode into several different file formats. Each episode can be viewed in xvid,wmv,quicktime,t heora and can even be viewed on the recently launched psp video game system. Hopefully others will look at Systm’s start up success and realize that there is a market for this sort of new wave of television to become successful and gain media exposure for one’s self. I applaud Kevin’s venture into this new marketplace and hope to see other people follow suit and create some brand new television content for the masses on the internet.

You can download episodes of Kevin and Dan’s new show Systm right now at their website,

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It seems that every successful Hollywood franchise from both Film and Television is making the transition to the world of Adult Entertainment these days with some sort of porn spinoff. Whether these remakes of original films are actually entertaining or even mildly successful can be anybody’s guess but what ‘is’ entertaining is displaying some of our favourites right here for you to read and enjoy. So here’s a list in no particular order of some of our favourite porn remakes of original titles.


Somehow I don’t remember a lot of black dudes roaming around in Beverly Hills in real life or in the TV show but in this film it’s all about the black guys getting it on with white rich bitches. What it has in common with the actual tv show is less to be desired but on the bright side you get to see some cool interracial relations.


The thought of seeing Edward Scissorhands try his luck in porn makes me cringe not only for the fact that the guy is ugly but what could possibly happen when his clawed fingers come in contact with somebody else’s flesh,ouch!. The film surprisingly tries to tackle some of the original film with humour and love displayed throughout it but the real treat of this film is how the production team managed to capture the special effects of Edward much in the same way that Tim Burton did for the original.

You also know when a porn remake is good when the actor himself comments positively about it. It’s nice to know that Johnny Depp has a sense of humor about his porn alter ego: “It was low budget and cheesy, but it was hilarious to watch. Those hands…they served him well.”


Shay and her friend wake up in a strange house where they partied hardy the night before. Neither girl can find Shay’s prized dildo. The girls can’t leave until they find the pieces to the puzzle that will lead them to the dildo. Surprisingly, this film made more sense to me than the original. It follows the same plot as the original and replaces Ashton and Sean with a bunch of hot chicks. I’ll take the hot chicks over those 2 dudes on any day and recommend this flick rather than the original.


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After recently reading TV Guide’s top 50 cartoon characters of all time; I’ve decided to make my own top 10 list of great cartoon characters. Check out the list and give me some feedback in our forums or in our feedback section on the top on whether you disagree or agree with my list. You can also make your own list and we’ll compare. But for now, here’s my top 10 list of the greatest cartoon characters.

10. Rocko

Famous Quote: “We must cease this senseless sucking!”

Rocko is the brainchild of the same dude that did Ren and Stimpy and was a great character that much like Ren, would get angry at his sidekick and try and kick their ass. Rocko is a wallaby from Australia who is joined by his sidekick Heffer and gets into weird situations in which the two must find some kind of resolution to help solve the problems that they cause for themselves. The show is now over but can still be seen on Nickelodeon sometimes.

9. Gimpy

Favorite Quote: “Star Wars Good, Star Trek Bad!”

Gimpy appears on the television show Undergrads which can still be seen on Teletoon in Canada or Comedy Central in the states. He plays a stereotypical computer nerd who spends his time in chatrooms or message boards writing about how good star wars is or how bad star trek is. While not in chatrooms or playing computer games online, he enjoys hanging out with his best friends Cal, Rocco and Nitz.

8. The Moonites

Favorite Quotes: “Oh Man, I’m so toasted!”-Err
“Well for one thing, the moon has one third less gravity than your earth, I don’t know if you can understand that, but our vertical leap is beyond all measurement.” - Ignignoc

7. Wild E. Coyote

Famous Quote: None,he was a silent character who would only hold up signs when he needed to speak.

This guy should seriously sue the ACME Corporation. He buys millions of products from them and not one of them ever operates properly in his attempt to capture the ever fast and ever sneaky roadrunner. He’s a fanatical Coyote always chasing a roadrunner but never succeeding in his attempts. He’s been a franchise along with the other Looney Tunes characters but in my opinion, the favorite, and hopefully one day he’ll catch that blasted roadrunner.

6. Beavis and Butthead

Famous Quotes: “That’s not funny, dumbass!”

Beavis and Butthead are those 2 great icons from the early MTV era that have breaded a nation of idiots and idiotic TV shows for generations to come. The show then spawned a movie entitled Beavis and Butthead do America and later had their neighbor spawn a sitcom in King of the Hill. They are often known for their stupidity and especially funny is Beavis’ Alter ego, ‘Cornholio’ who needs more toilet paper for his bunghole.

5. Duckman

Favorite Quote: “What the hell are YOU starin at!?!”

Duckman is a crazy duck whose voice is performed by Jason Alexander from Seinfeld fame. The show appeared on the USA network in the 90s and gained a loyal cult following. The premise revolves around a duck that is a detective and solves crimes while at the same time trying to stay alive in a world that he views as pathetic. The duck is really a selfish duck that would rather sit on the couch then solve crimes but is forced to in order to pay the rent.

4. Cartman

Famous Quote: “I would never let a woman kick my @ss. If she tried something, I’d be like, HEY! You get your b*tch @ss back in the kitchen and make me some pie!”

Cartman is the ever lovable, verbally abusive little boy from Comedy Central’s South Park. He’s never afraid to speak his mind on various subjects and often has some kind of get rich quick scheme that ends up going wrong.

3. Baby Stewie

Favorite Quote: “Do these huggies make my ass look big?”

Stewie is the ultra intelligent little baby from Family Guy whose sole goal in life is to kill his mother and to take over the world. Often with smart ass remarks, Stewie has got the stuff of legends and after a brief hiatus, (Ok the show got canceled and as a gift from the heavens will be returning sometime next year back to television.) will be returning back to wreck havoc against all of those in his path.

2. Bender

Favorite Quote: “Bite my shiny metal ass!”

Bender is a robot whose job in life is to bend pieces of metal. He joins up with Fry just before he’s about to kill himself in a suicide booth (This show happens in the future, remember that.) and the rest is history. Bender is a great character for one liners or for smirky comments and always comes up with something ingenious to say in every line that he says on the show. Futurama is from the same dude that brought us The Simpsons and is definitely worth checking out to see as Bender is what you would get if you mixed Homer Simpson and Duckman and made them into a robot.

1. Duff Man

Favorite Quote: “Are you ready to get Duffed?”

Duff man is the poster child for alcoholics everywhere and is that cool, ultra-good looking star from Duff Breweries that is the life of any party. You can often see him on The Simpsons boogying down at parties and encouraging people to drink Duff beer whenever possible.

That was a pretty tough list. Please remember that this is my list and not yours so I’m sure that your list is probably just as good as mine. There were also many situations where I tried to pick the best character from each show that I chose instead of picking many of the same characters from the same show. Therefore, in some situations I do like many characters from a single show but was forced to pick my single favorite.

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