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Many fast food restaurants are running out of ideas for new promotions and are trying to garner interest in their products by trying to merge products together into some type of Frankenstein fast food creation. The popularity of viral videos showing amateur cooks attempting to make weird concoctions of various different foods has given marketing executives the ability to green light weird new foods in an attempt to get their franchises some publicity. Here are a few of these brand new food items that you may have come across at a fast food establishment near you.

Subway Pizza Sub

-Subway has always been home to the meatball sub but lately they’ve been trying to cater to the pizza audience with new flat bread pizzas.It came full circle for Subway when they decided to simply make a sub sandwich with pizza ingredients. Enjoy spicy pepperoni, piled high and layered with melt-a-licious cheese and their signature marinara sauce.

Cici’s Macaroni & Cheese Pizza

-Cici’s decided to take everyone’s favorite side dish and put it on a pizza. I guess enticing people with all-you-can-eat pizza at the buffet wasn’t enough of a promotional tool for the restaurant chain. Tender cavatappi pasta and macaroni and cheese sauce topped with shredded Italian pizza cheese on our traditional crust. This will certainly bring the kid out in anyone but we’d prefer a nice slice of pepperoni and to simply put the mac & cheese on the side.


Popularity: 2% [?]

Fresh food is delicious. We can’t deny the benefits of fresh meat, fruits or vegetables. However, we’re a busy generation that loves to shove frozen junk out of a box and shove it into a warm pot, oven or microwave. They’re many frozen foods out on the market that will give you the equivalent of a home cooked meal. We prefer frozen foods that are quick to make, easy to eat (and a bonus if no utensils are involved) and are just as enjoyable to eat compared to a fresh hot meal. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite frozen foods in your freezer aisle at the local grocery store.


-A taquito is a Mexican food dish most often consisting of a small rolled-up tortilla and some type of filling, including beef, cheese or chicken. We like these because you have the choice of either nuking them in the microwave or waiting longer for a crisp fried texture if you put them in the oven. They go great with ranch dip, salsa or sour cream. We’re happy to announce that the USA government requires all taquito manufacturers to sell taquitos that contain at least 15% meat. So, if you’re worried about your meat intake or simply worried about what’s inside these things - we’re happy to announce that at least you’re getting some form of meat inside these puppies at all times.

White Castle Frozen Burgers

-We don’t need to produce a film about trying to locate the nearest White Castle fast food franchise when we can simply pick up a few of their sliders in the frozen foods aisle of our local grocery store. These burgers only require a warm napkin to wrap around them and can be put in the microwave for two minutes. The bun tastes a bit soggy but the meat is nice ans steamed and comes topped with caramelized onions. They come packaged as two in a pair but we can’t comment on how well your stomach will adjust to them after eating a few if you get the late night munchies.


Popularity: 2% [?]

We searched the internet far and wide to try and find some new and interesting food gadgets that will make it even lazier to cook food or simply make it taste better. Here’s a selection of some of the new and unique products that we were able to find on the net.

Condiment Gun

-Did you ever feel like less of a man when you had to shake that ketchup bottle for over 15 minutes until a tiny bit of ketchup came out and covered only a portion of your fries? Do you like guns? Do you feel lonely and naked without the feeling of a gun in your hand every couple of seconds? Well, do we ever have a product for you! This device comes with two reusable cartridges and you can get perfect ketchup and mustard lines on your hot dogs every single time. It’s also perfect for writing your name into your burgers or to simply shoot and keep predators away from your BBQ.

Personalized BBQ Branding Iron

-We as a human species like to mark our territory. Some people like to own a large lot of land and build a huge fence to protect it while others will start a fist fight if you simply look at their girlfriend the wrong way. It’s not enough to simply put food on the grill and have your friends and family enjoy your gift of a meal. You need to send them a reminder of just who spent the time to cook this feast for them and let them know about it every time that they lift their forks to their mouths and take a bite of it. This unique branding iron can be customized with a variety of letters so the grill master can write just about anything on his delicious work of art.

Beer Belt

-It can be annoying having to constantly get up from the couch to go and fetch yourself another beer. That’s why the beer belt was invented. Now, you can hold six, twelve or fourteen ounce cans around your waist. Each belt is constructed with waterproof ballistic nylon and will fit up to a 58 inch waist. Perfect for NASCAR events, family reunions, school musicals and baby showers.

Popularity: 2% [?]