In order to understand this website, it’s a good idea to go back to the beginning and understand how everything got started. A good place to start would be to understand how the word ‘BoobNewb’ came to exist in the first place. One day, some friends and the owner of this website were joking around about trying to think of original names that weren’t registered yet with any domain registration company. The idea at first was to appeal to college or university students with a type of college based website that focused on pictures, videos, columns etc. But after a quick realization, we figured out that collegehumor.com as well as various other college-based websites had already had a strong market position in that area.

After searching google for an alternative, we realized that 75% of the top websites on the internet were porn websites. The next logical step would be to form a porn website. But after another quick point and counter point session, we soon realized that it would be pretty hard to come up with anything original in that field as well as the fact that we wanted a website that was a little more PG-13 for our tastes. We quickly discovered that sex sells and it would be a good idea to try and somehow incorporate that into our website. We kept thinking of ideas while we played video games on our sofa ,ate delivery pizza and KFC and stared amusingly at cartoons.

—A Name Is Born.—

It was at this moment that it became pretty obvious to us that we were lazy bums. We lacked motivation and sat on our asses all day watching tv or eating junk food. A light bulb came up and the next logical idea would be to create a website dedicated to laziness! After all, we were pretty good at being lazy. But what would our website be called still? After watching TV some more, the owner realized that a nickname for television was the word BoobTube. The BoobTube was a great name as it meant that we were boobs who did nothing all day but sit in front of the BoobTube and waste our lives watching television. The word BoobTube was great at first but we soon realized that it only reflected being lazy next to a television set and didn’t reflect being lazy in general. So we tried to incorporate another word instead of BoobTube and we came up with the word BoobNewbie.com. A newbie in internet-nerd language is a term meaning to be new at something specific related to the internet or computers. So, if a computer user was new to instant messaging or computer games - they would be called a newbie.

We decided to shorten BoobNewbie to BoobNewb as it rhymed and we liked things that are easier to rhyme together. We also liked the fact that the word ‘BOOB’ was included in the domain name as we thought it would mistake us for a porn website and give us extra traffic to our site even though the name sounded misleading.

Since the owner was lazy and had limited web design and development expertise, the first few months trying to create the website were painful. The owner had no close friends who were willing to help and thus he turned to the online web development community for help. The first person that was willing to help came out of MSN Messenger from the U.K. and helped to design a prototype of what BoobNewb would look like. The relationship ended before it could even begin when the web designer had other commitments and couldn’t stay on with the project. For history’s sake, the original design can still be viewed on this website. Just click the image to view our original design.

We then turned to a web design website that specialized in finding people who would be willing to help with web sites for a fee. We emailed and instant messaged with a bunch of people and tried to find someone who would be able to help us in a timely manner and for a low cost. We found someone who seemed good at first but then trouble soon followed right after. It seems that the person who was helping us wasn’t the actual designer but a scam artist. Once we paid for our design, we got a nice letter from the original designer who was also scammed threatening us to put our design public if we didn’t pay him the design fee. Obviously, we didn’t like this situation one bit but rather than lose our design completely; we struck a deal with the original artist to design a logo for our web site as compensation and to be able to keep our design. This logo is still visible as it’s the logo we still use to this day.

—This was our original design. We thought that the B inside the television was a little too simple and wanted to update the logo.—

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