We’re happy to announce the launch of BoobNewb 3.0!

We’ve been working hard to update and fix this website back to its former glory and are happy to see it back to something a little more resembling the old website. We really enjoy the content management and plugins of wordpress which have made updating and adding content to this site much easier then it was before. Here’s what to look forward to in the upcoming year ahead:

  1. More articles then ever before
  2. A new girl of the moment gallery every month and possibly the inclusion of our old boob of the month award for laziness
  3. The ability to print articles on the fly or to download articles in pdf format.
  4. Aggressive sponsorships with ad partners and increased advertising help increase traffic
  5. A relaunch of our myspace page or other social networking site such as Facebook.
  6. The addition of our History of BoobNewb page for those wanting to know what this site has been through over the years
  7. Increased partnerships with similar websites
  8. A chat room to hang out in
  9. BoobNewb Merchandise

Stay Tuned for more news/updates on this page in the coming weeks and months…

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