We are pleased to announce the opening up of our Boobnewb Partners section. We have searched the google machine to find some of the very best websites on the internet that offer unique content or have similar content to our website that we feel our readers will enjoy. We hope that in checking out our website you can also enjoy these great websites that have partnered up with us in some shape or form to offer unique content. Unlike other link exchanges, we won’t simply provide a link with your site’s name on it. What we will do is provide a short description of your website so that our readers know exactly what your site is about. We will also include a banner link or some other form of link that the site carries to better showcase your website and to show our undying love for the greatness that is your website. So, without further adieu, here are some of our partnered websites:

- Big Smudge meets and exceeds the days requirements for fun. Whether its viral videos, the newest flash games or comprehensive lists on anything pop culture, Big Smudge makes sure you get your fill.

- is a large online archive of funny and extreme videos as well as pictures and prank calls. You can locate the content in an easy scroll down fashion on the main page and flip between random or new videos with the click of a button. They also offer a chat room and forum for the community for those that wish to talk or complain at the content of the site. They also offer a hottie of the day section in the same vein as our girl of the moment section.

- BBSpot offers unique content that includes their BBloopers section as well as a BBmailbag with lots of content related to emails. They have daily links to new content as well as the BBWebcam where you can check out the Editor of the website is up to. They will also have their own book out later this year entitled the BBspot book of Geek available on There’s also the BBlog where you can read some more personlized opinions from the editor on random stuff.

- Geek of the Day is a site totally devoted to anything geek worthy. Whether this be geeky images such as funny computer or video game references to stuff only a computer programmer would understand - it’s all at this website. You can also find geek stories/videos and also be nominated for their geek of the day award.

- is a celebrity gossip website. They update daily with new articles and celebrity photos in the center section of their site. There is also a review section for both movies/music as well as a dating section for both males and females. They are also a fan of monkeys and gorillas and provide a link to a relief organization where you can donate money to help keep monkeys and gorillas away from extinction.

- Popholic is a celebrity gossip site that writes articles and displays pictures of various celebrities. They have a long list of celebrity names to choose from and a large archive to find out any interesting information about certain celebrities that you may have missed out on over the past year. They are also well connected with various other celebrity websites and feature links to pictures/articles on other celebrity gossip sites.

- Pugorama offers movies, animations and flash clips. The layout and design of the site is well done and very colorful. They offer a what’s new section where you can scroll down the middle of the page and view various new articles on celebrities as well as viral videos. You can also retrieve some of their more popular files in their ‘hot files’ section on the top left hand site of the site.

- I Blacked Out is a great blend of college humor mixed with a variety of topics that you would expect to see from a guy who just passed out in his bathroom stall after having one too many ice coolers. They have your standard topics you would expect to see such as girls, viral videos and sports but what really stands out is their great drinks section with plenty of interesting topics on a wide range of alcoholic beverages as well as news coverage on specialty topics relating to the alcohol industry. The web site has a Boston angle to it with plenty of coverage of local sports teams and topics in and around the Boston area. If you want to see Boston celebrities or sports figures and their smoking hot wives it doesn’t hurt to look here either. The only knock I will give to this site as a partner is my split loyalty between wanting lots of people to come visit both of our sites and my devoted loyalty to their arch nemesis ‘Da Habs—24 cups and counting—’.

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