Hey, if Beijing and London can host an Olympics with their lip-synching singers, match-fixing badminton players, crappy women’s soccer refs, underage gymnasts, pollution and human rights violations then why can’t we? There is a movement to get laziness into the Olympics. Most of these people don’t care enough to do anything about it so it took our crack team of researchers some time to come up with some cool and unique events and we’re pretty happy with the outcome. We hope that you enjoy the events that are sure to be given ample consideration by the Brazilians during the next Summer games in 2016 or those fine Korean folks in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Text Messaging

-Laugh it up. But believe it or not there are actual competitions where people can win thousands of dollars. We give basic text message scenarios such as relationship advice, hot girls/boys at the mall, workout advice at the gym, and food/movie/television reviews to give the challengers a chance to try and beat their opponents by trying to outlast them and see who can type the fastest within a specific time limit.

Coke and Menthos Challenge

-Each competitor will be given a supply of both Menthos and coke or some other soft drink of their choice and whoever can shoot their drink of choice up in the air and get the highest vertical height will be declared the winner.

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