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Hey, if Beijing and London can host an Olympics with their lip-synching singers, match-fixing badminton players, crappy women’s soccer refs, underage gymnasts, pollution and human rights violations then why can’t we? There is a movement to get laziness into the Olympics. Most of these people don’t care enough to do anything about it so it took our crack team of researchers some time to come up with some cool and unique events and we’re pretty happy with the outcome. We hope that you enjoy the events that are sure to be given ample consideration by the Brazilians during the next Summer games in 2016 or those fine Korean folks in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Text Messaging

-Laugh it up. But believe it or not there are actual competitions where people can win thousands of dollars. We give basic text message scenarios such as relationship advice, hot girls/boys at the mall, workout advice at the gym, and food/movie/television reviews to give the challengers a chance to try and beat their opponents by trying to outlast them and see who can type the fastest within a specific time limit.

Coke and Menthos Challenge

-Each competitor will be given a supply of both Menthos and coke or some other soft drink of their choice and whoever can shoot their drink of choice up in the air and get the highest vertical height will be declared the winner.


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There’s just something about buffets that keeps people coming back to them time after time. They don’t have the greatest food quality and have been poked and prodded by countless people which makes the idea of eating anything under heat lamps an unenthusiastic ordeal. Buffets offer great economic benefits if you can consume more food than the price of your meal. In some instances, the all-you-can-eat buffet model has failed when some individuals ate too much free food and were forced to leave the restaurant. Most of the time, people can’t eat as much food compared to the price of the buffet and the restaurant is able to make a profit. Buffets are great because they have a wide selection of different items. Most of these items can be expensive as entrees or appetizers at a regular restaurant. At a buffet, you get the chance to try all of these dishes for the same price. Also, buffets give regular people the chance to eat expensive items such as crabs legs as much as they want when they’re usually too expensive to purchase at your local grocery store. People have limited incomes and buffets are great for people to stretch their disposable income out. Others feel that buffets are a challenge. If the sign says ‘All-You-Can-Eat’, then people will take on the challenge and see just how much food they can consume in one day. Value and variety are the kings of the day at your local buffet.

If we’re looking for selection and quality, we’re going to hop on a plane and fly to Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas is the king of buffets by trying to entice gamblers and tourists with lunch specials and cheap prices to keep their stomachs full and their butts inside the casinos. Critics and guests voted the Rio buffet as the best buffet in Vegas. The Rio buffet has more than 300 dishes prepared fresh daily. You can get breakfast, lunch or dinner items and the variety ranges from omelettes or prime rib to sushi or Asian barbecue. In some spots, you can enjoy live-action cooking in front of your eyes and have meals prepared to your liking. There are different ethnic stations set up where you can grab Asian food from one area and go to another spot to get American food. Uniquely, they have a custom noodle soup bar, a choose your own stir fry station, and they have some crab legs and shrimp to peel. For dessert, enjoy more than 70 varieties of homemade pies, cakes and pastries, and nine gelato flavors, all made from scratch on site at Carnival World Buffet. The place can get busy which is a good sign as the food is almost always fresh and is constantly being turned over and not sitting under a heat lamp for hours. The price ranges from 25$ for lunch to 35$ for dinner. There’s a great bonus if you’re a local Vegas resident as you get a 50% discount.

You can check out more about this buffet over at their website at

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We’re introducing a new series to our website. We’re going to focus on some great family-friendly restaurants for lazy parents who want to bring their kids to a place where they can run around and have fun and drive the staff crazy. The adults can enjoy a meal while their kids are distracted by all the bells and whistles that the restaurant has to offer them.

Many of us look back and fondly remember lazy days of childhood playing toy trains in our basement with our neighborhood pals. Now, kids are focused too much on their iPads and cellphones and don’t enjoy the simpler toys that their parents used to enjoy. Train-themed restaurants are restaurants where your meal is brought to you by a toy train. You simply place your order with a waitress (who is usually dressed up in train engineer attire) and then wait patiently to see the toy train come around the corner with your meal. Many of these restaurants have plenty of train memorabilia on the walls for kids to stare at also help to show the historical information about many of the trains that are operating nearby to help push cargo or bring passengers to their destinations. They are perfect to celebrate a birthday or a milestone and have plenty of seating (including high chairs for the little ones) where the whole family can sit together and enjoy the experience. You’ll find multiple train-themed restaurants in Chicago, Illinois as Chicago is the third largest city in the USA and is the main freight rail hub of North America.

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