History Chapter 2

—The Experience Factor—

The next logical step was to find someone who had more experience dealing with the back end of a website. We quickly learned that designing and development are two very distinct and different issues. We also didn’t want to spend much money so finding someone to do this sort of thing for free who isn’t a close personal friend is very hard to do. Someone we had met online was willing to help us and helped quite a bit with different technical issues. Unfortunately, we wanted to see things become established as quickly as possible and the developer didn’t like our constant nagging about things being fixed.

—Even though the new logo is a little bigger, we felt that the new logo was more visually pleasing to the eye.—

During this time, the site was up and aside from a few issues, we had some major stuff going on. We had categories for different topics on the left hand side along with 3-5 different columnists with their own unique brand of commentary. We also had our own IRC chat room and were about to start our video comedy team and our own comic strip.Our developer must have gotten fed up at this time as he simply disappeared or blocked us from his instant messenger and didn’t want to deal with us anymore. As if things weren’t bad enough, our hosting server with all of our information was deleted as the person we had paid to borrow web space from didn’t notify us properly and didn’t return any of our messages. So after 1 year’s hard work to complete a massive website project, all of our hard work was gone like that.What do we do now? Where do we go from here? Well, even with certain pieces of web development still saved on the computer, it would be impossible to recreate our large web site once again. It was also becoming a pain in the ass to try and get 10-15 different people to try and come out with new stuff to make a due date every month for our web site. We had no other choice but to cut any staff members that we had and go much smaller. We didn’t want to deal with a web host anymore but if we were to in the future; we were going to make sure we paid for it to a well known web host.We decided to keep a hold of the rights to BoobNewb in case we ever wanted to use the name again in the future. We decided to not give in to the arrogance that some web site owners have of not being a big shot web site domain and decided to look for a free web host. We didn’t find any that we liked but soon found something similar with a blog hosting service called ModBlog. The site started off good even though we didn’t like the design very much. Soon afterwards, the free service would timeout and have stability issues.

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