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I decided to take both a grilled cheese sandwich and a peanut butter sandwich and combine them to make one super sandwich. To save time,let’s just call it a Grillnut Cheese Sandwich.

Here’s how you make it:

-You need 2 slices of bread. I recommend normal sliced bread that you can get at your
local grocery or convenience store.

-You need two teaspoons of peanut butter. For this you will need something called a spoon to actually take the peanut butter out of the jar. If you don’t know what a spoon looks like, type in spoon in google and you’ll figure it out.

-1 slice of cheddar cheese or any other type of cheese that you prefer to have on the sandwich. I recommend Kraft processed cheese although those plastic covers are a bitch to take off.If in doubt with the packaging, just use scissors and you’ll be fine.

-Finally you’ll need two teaspoons of butter or margarine. I prefer the taste of butter but if you feel that you’re fat and want a leaner type of butter than go for margarine. Margarine also helps the heart so you decide which one you want to use.

K,here comes the hard part. You need to heat a skillet (cool way of saying a frying pan) to medium heat and make sure that you don’t burn yourself in the process.Now place the peanut butter on the first piece of bread and use a knife to spread it around. The last thing you want is a bumpy sandwich. Now place the cheese on top of the peanut butter and place the remaining piece of bread on top. Now here’s the part where the butter or margarine comes in.

You place it with a knife on the outer parts of the bread so that you don’t burn the sandwich. From first hand experience, you should really make sure the butter or margarine is there or else you get a smelly house and a potential fire hazard. Now you want to fry the sucker up for about 2 min on each side. You”ll need something to flip the sandwich with midway through the cooking process so I recommend you just stab the sandwich with a fork. For more intelligent people, I recommend a cooking spatula like what those fast food workers use to flip burgers with.

Once the burning process is complete,; make sure to turn off the stove and put all the stuff that you used safely back from which it came. You now have a delicious combination of two types of sandwiches in under 10 minutes so enjoy your new creation.

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There are many times during the week when I find myself in a bind to make a quick meal for myself. There is no better cure for a quick meal than the 8 min or less Kraft Dinner Fix. All you need is a pot, a stove, and a spoon as your major gadgets to make this perfection. Some might argue that a bowl of some sort is needed as well but real men and women eat the stuff right from the pot anyways. The instructions are pretty simple too.

1.Boil water
2.Add noodles
3.Stir for a bit
4.Strain noodles
5.Add butter or margarine
6.Add cheese stuff
7.add milk

The fact that I even had to mention the directions to this stuff is pretty sad if you don’t already know them but just in case there they are. To be on the biased side, this is Kraft Dinner we’re talking about here. Don’t confuse it with that stuff they call macaroni and cheese which is creamier and has these weird smiley faced shaped noodles in them. Kraft Dinner is by Kraft Foods and includes a yummy variety of different choices to choose from now. Instead of the traditional regular, you can now get other great choices such as extra creamy, egg and noodle and even spaghetti styled Kraft Dinner.Here are a few things to watch out for though. If you eat it in a pot; you’ll most likely need to end up washing this pot at some point down the line. My tip is to shove it in the sink as soon as you’re done making it and to begin washing it fast in a circular clockwise motion. This way the cheese won’t be stuck to the pot very much when you decide to make Kraft Dinner again a year from now. Also, be sure to stir the noodles every little bit or else you’ll have a shitload of noodles stuck to your pot when you begin adding the butter into the pot.


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