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Our next article on lazy athletes looks at the sport of professional hockey. There isn’t a tougher sport than the National Hockey League. Players routinely get smashed into the boards, lose a couple of teeth, get a cut that requires stitches and then head right back to the bench to continue playing. Some fans have called hockey players ‘Modern day gladiators’. When you have a lazy hockey player, you know that this athlete isn’t going to be well-liked in the locker room when so many other players are losing blood and having bruises and scars all over their bodies in order to win the game for their team. Let’s take a look at some of these lazy athletes…

Dustin Byfuglien

—You would make this face too if you had to live in Winnipeg most of the year.—

-It’s never a good sign for a professional athlete when reporters at training camp make bets with each other on how many pounds you gained in the off season. Even though Dustin Byflugien has always been a big heavy set, the weight issue really became a problem when he became a member of the Winnipeg Jets franchise. He was a decent role player for the Chicago Blackhawks and had a great playoffs which helped the Blackhawks win their first Stanley Cup in over 50 years. Unfortunately, cap considerations made it difficult for the team to retain key players and many role players were traded in order to be below the league’s cap ceiling. Byflugien was traded and went from a new hockey powerhouse to a new franchise that had just been bought and moved from Atlanta, Georgia where he barely even played a season. It’s pretty hard to get motivated going from a cup favorite to an expansion franchise.


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We admit that we’re a bit lazy in not coming up with the idea to write about the laziest professional athletes in sports. One single article could do no justice on just how many athletes exist in sports that get paid millions of dollars to entertain the public and do poorly at their job on a yearly basis. We define laziness as a chronic illness where victims lack the willpower to do anything. We would also include the terms slow-moving and sluggish to help round out our definition of the world. The first group of lazy athletes to be profiled are professional basketball players. Most owners and/or GMs refuse to view lazy stars as employees. We put these players on a pedestal and treat them like royalty when there’s a greater chance of them taking a night off and not giving all of their effort despite their insane skills or talent. Basketball players have a smaller talent pool compared to other professional sports. You have 5 starters who make a difference on the court and a bunch of bench players who usually don’t make a difference on the scoreboard in most games. An NBA star is going to get the ball of often and he’s going to get a high percentage of quality shooting chances. If he screws up, fans will notice on the scoreboard but also on the player’s stats sheet. Let’s take a look at some of the lazier players in the league.

Andrea Bargnani

—We think that this guy needs to lay off of the Primo pasta!—

-You’re going to get a lot of attention when you’re the very first person selected in the NBA draft. The Toronto Raptors took an unconventional route and drafted the big Italian player out of Europe rather than selecting someone from a USA college basketball program. When GM Bryan Colangelo drafted Bargnani, he thought that Bargnani was going to be a powerhouse up the middle. The team thought that Bargnani could be a dominant center in the league who could play dirty near the rim and get many rebounds and control the front court. It turns out that Bargnani isn’t really a fan of getting his hands dirty near the front of the rim. The 7 ft. ‘Il Mago’ truly is a magician who tricked the team into thinking that he would be a dominant center in the league.


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Mini-putt is the holiday leftovers after a large feast of a meal. It’s a sport that anybody can play and still compare themselves to any great golf legend. It’s hard to describe a golfer as a real athlete when any normal person can go on a mini-putt course and shoot a golf ball through a windmill and essentially do the same thing that any professional can do on a real course. I will admit that I’m a rookie when it comes to mini-putt golf courses. In Canada, you’d think that with all the land that we have that it wouldn’t be so difficult to destroy some natural wilderness and shove a pirate ship made out of plastic right on top of some gravel. Instead, we build huge golf courses that the average joe can’t even gain membership into. In Montreal,we used to showcase a television program on a French Canadian sports channel that was called ‘Defi mini-putt’.

These guys really took the show seriously and there was cash prizes for the winners. There were 18 holes with such names as ‘Le Totem’ and ‘La Disco’ and every course had a skins challenge with the cash prize increasing after every round of golf. Unfortunately, the courses were your typical green synthetic lawn with no obstacles which doesn’t add any suspense to the game. Luckily, there are many cool mini-putt golf courses around the world that have some wicked course designs and we will show you some of these cool concepts right now.

Around the World in 18 Holes

-The first miniature golf course on our list is one that I’m proud to have said that I actually went to. Around the World in 18 holes is located in Lake George, New York and features a different nation for every individual hole. Some of the nations featured at the course include China, France and the USA. This place is a great childhood memory and is one of the reasons that I’m writing this fun article in the first place.

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