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We went on the search engines to try and find some new and lazy food gadgets that will make it even lazier to enjoy our favorite meals or our favorite treats. Here’s a roundup of some of the new and unique products that we were able to find on the net.

The Beer Belly

-Have you ever wanted to drink a beer at your son’s football game and not get yelled at by the other parents for being a lazy drunk? Well, now you can use the power of stealth technology to enjoy any drink that pleases you with the help of the beer belly device. The drink is held in place in an insulated sling under your clothes making it look just like a real home grown beer belly.The device holds 80 ounces of liquid and can fit up to a 40 inch waistline and a height of over 6 feet. The device can let you get drunk in peace while forcing others to think that you’ve ate one too many hamburgers lately.

Snack ‘N Stack Utensil Set

-There’s nothing more fun about being a kid and building stuff. Little kids like to play with construction blocks and let their imaginations go wild building all sorts of unique things. This love of stacking things together has been brought to life in the form of forks and knives. Now, you can take your utensils and join them together in the cupboard. This process helps to keep the cupboard more organized and can be a great set to take camping with the family and avoid losing any cutlery compared to more traditional utensil sets. It’s also a great tool to get little kids more accustomed with eating with utensils as opposed to using their hands to eat everything.

Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

-Ordinary candy dispensers require individuals to have to put a coin into them to receive their treat. They get touched by hundreds of different hands on a regular basis and there’s a good chance that these machines have all sorts of bacteria and germs on them. These machines are great for lazy people who are too cheap to go and fetch for some extra money and for germophobes who don’t want to put their clean hands on a dirty machine that has been touched way too often for their liking. Also, why waste all of that energy having to turn the darn thing? Simply place your hands underneath the sensor and you can have all of the free candy that your heart desires.


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It’s time to whip up enough tasty and lazy snack. We’re going to take our love of Doritos chips to new heights by crushing them up into millions of tiny pieces and using them as a coating for some chicken breasts. We love recipes like this one because it’s very hard to screw this up. You can overcook these items and the worst that can happen to you will be an extra crispy crust on the outside with the moist texture of the chicken meat still nice and juicy on the inside. The recipe to make this type of chicken is no different than any other breaded chicken recipe. You always need milk, eggs, chicken, some spices and your coating of choice. You can always substitute the Doritos for other stuff such as corn flakes, panko bread crumbs or Italian bread crumbs but we like the cheesyness of the chips instead. You can purchase some Jalapeno or Sweet Chili Doritos if you’re the adventurous type but we’re going to use good old fashioned Nacho Cheese Doritos for our recipe.

Let’s find out how to make this easy recipe at home.

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees

2. Take your boneless chicken breasts and cut them up into strips length-wise. Make sure to remove any extra fat that might be on the chicken.

3. Put the chicken breasts into some buttermilk and place them in the fridge for an hour or two.

4. Whip up some eggs.

5. Crush some Doritos by hand or in a blender to make the coating nice and small.

6. Take chicken out of the fridge and drain some of the buttermilk in with the eggs. Take off any excess buttermilk from the chicken and place the chicken in some flour that’s mixed with black pepper, cayenne pepper and some garlic powder. Now place each strip into the egg mixture and then into the Doritos. Repeat this step a second or third time in order to build up a nice thick coating around the chicken.

7. Pour some canola oil or peanut oil into an iron cast pot. Make sure there’s enough oil to soak the chicken completely. We don’t want too much oil as we don’t want the oil to spill over or start a fire. Make sure the oil heats up to between 350-375 degrees and then carefully lower each strip one or two at a time and cook for roughly 2-3 min. on each side until golden brown.

All done! We recommend you serve these with marinara sauce on the side as the cheese goes well with a good tomato dip.

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It’s not so long ago that bacon was shunned by many people. Religious people wouldn’t go near the food and vegetarians thought that they were heart disease sticks. Most people on this website would enjoy waking up early in the morning to the smell of bacon and eggs which became a breakfast tradition. It seems that eating bacon for breakfast isn’t enough anymore and people need to have their bacon fix at any moment like it’s some kind of energy-fueled drug. The first major breakthrough came when food manufacturers were able to distribute pre-cooked bacon. Bacon contains lots of juicy fat that is very easy to splatter when cooking it so it only made sense to make bacon that you could easily shove into a microwave and avoid any hot oils hitting your face and leaving you scarred for life.

Bacon Condiments & Drinks

One big hit was the invention of baconnaise. This mayo substitute was starting to give people second thoughts at the drive-thru counter when they would use the phrase ‘Please hold the mayo’. Move over ketchup as a new sheriff is in town to take over the condiment world. The company recommends you to put this stuff on sandwiches, dips, sauces and salads. Heck, even vegetarians will love this stuff since it’s got a simulated bacon-like taste without any real bacon in it! If baconnaise wasn’t a good enough substitute for the mayo on your burger - why not try bacon squeeze. Bacon squeeze is a great alternative to the lazy BBQ master who simply didn’t have enough time to throw some bacon strips on the old propane tanker. You can put some bayonnaise on the bun and then add some bacon squeeze for a finishing touch to your burger once all the other condiments have been added to the burger.


Popularity: 2% [?]